Most support/networking groups in BC meet monthly at a set location and time. The meetings are informal and provide a forum for personal discussion with men who currently have, or have already recovered from prostate cancer.

We invite specialists whose fields relate to prostate cancer to give talks. We also prove question-and-answer and sharing periods. In addition, we maintain a large lending library of up-to-date books and video tapes. Some support group topics are: incontinence, stages of prostate cancer, sexuality and sexual potency, new research findings, nutrition, pain and symptom management, the function of the prostate gland, and new research and treatment options.

Meetings are free and everyone is welcome. To see what is going on in a particular support group, go to:


Not in BC? No problem. There are prostate cancer support groups across the country. To find a meeting and resources near you, please visit the Prostate Cancer Support website:


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Need a speaker?

We would like to help you, your association, your company, your friends, family or co-workers learn more about this disease. We are happy to set up a presentation with one of our professional "survivors", either big or small at your facility. Send us an email or give us a call and let us know how many people you would like to educate and we can arrange for one of our speakers to come in for a visit. or 604-574-4012

Don't want to attend a Support Group, give us a call 604-574-4012 and we can have a counseling volunteer contact you for a personal 1-on-1 talk over the telephone.